BioPharma Product Testing

On 06-Oct-2019, Eurofins BPT released Version 3.0 to improve the overall website experience. This release included several enhancements that you will find beneficial:

  • A new look and vertical menu for intuitive navigation on the left panel
  • The Estimated Release Date now consistently display on the Sample Group Detail Page for all Sample Groups.
  • The sample stability time point and storage condition is consistently displayed on the Sample Detail Page for all stability studies stored at Eurofins.

Due to system updates, please be advised that for any Lab Report emails that were issued prior to October 6th, the LabAccesss hyperlink will not work. Links in the Lab Report emails sent after this release will function properly.

We hope you find these improvements to be helpful as you are using to access your testing results and other important project information. Please contact your project manager with any questions.

Kind regards,

The Team

From Starting Materials through Finished Product Testing, Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing's 28 facilities in 16 countries deliver the world's most comprehensive scope of harmonized GMP testing services and seamless regulatory acceptance.

As we have grown to become the world's largest network of GMP product testing labs, we continue to uphold our founding promise of personal service and impeccable quality.

When the world awaits your product, choose the lab that provides complete capabilities and rigorous quality systems you can trust.

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